BWELL Massage

BWELL Massage is professional massage therapy that incorporates aspects of sports, deep tissue, and relaxation massage, as well as Ortho-bionomy. Each session is tailored to a client on that day.

Massage manipulates the body’s soft tissue, and has beneficial effects on the muscular and nervous systems, and circulation of blood and lymph.

Massage is not about “fixing” medical problems or acute injuries, however it can assist the body to heal itself.

Susanna trained as a Massage practitioner at the NZ College Massage of Massage, specializing in Sports Therapy. She is also a certified practitioner in Ortho-Bionomy.

She is also an experienced sports person herself, did competitive swimming, in the pool and in open waters in her younger years, as well as taken part in numerous running and multi-sport competitions, such as the Stroke&Stride series and Half-Marathons, and once the full length Rotorua marathon.

Pricelist BWELL Massage
30-minute session $60.00
45-minute session $75.00
60-minute session $90.00
90-minute session $120.00